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A beginner's guide to successfully & joyfully grow roses

2 months ago

For years, I let the fear and bad reputations of roses prevent me from growing them. I started growing 3 roses...all purchased from a local nursery in Southeast Houston back in 2014. At that time, I knew NOTHING about roses and didn't want to learn either. Totally lacked of committment and just wanted instant gratification! I just wanted beautiful roses in my garden. They started developing blackspots badly because once again I had absolutely zero understanding/desire/interest to learn more. So I yanked 2 out and just kept one (it's still alive and kicking 8 years later despite my ignorance - I finally learned how to care and love it in 2020).

When Covid hit, a strong desire to grow roses hit me again.. I no longer worried about blackspots and etc. I just thought I would deal with them differently this time, not from a place of frustrations or perfection. I bought Mary Rose, Gentle Hermoine, and Jump for Joy from Heirloom Roses during a pandemic and the rest is history. I went from 1 rose to 50+ to date!!

If I could turn back time to 2014, I wish I knew how to set my expectations and understand roses/diseases/pests before beginning my rose journey. These are something I don't see people advising new rose growers. Most people focus on what varieties are most disease/pest tolerant, how to amend soil, how to dig holes, how to understand NPK and so on. However, there are more important factors to consider even before those steps.

I put together this guide hoping that it will be helpful to people who are new to roses like me 8 years ago >>

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