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Living room layout: corner fireplace and floor to ceiling windows

I have a living room layout dilemma.

One long side is open to the dining room. There's a corner fireplace and lots of floor to ceiling windows. The wall of three windows faces south-southwest. Sliding door to the left of the fireplace.

We will watch TV in here but I don't want the furniture to ignore the fireplace. It's a rental so I cannot mount the TV above the fireplace.

Here are 4 photos of how previous families have oriented the furniture. One with gold drapes and one with black drapes. One put the TV stand in front of the fireplace and has a big sectional and one put the TV on the only bit of small space with sofa and loveseat but the furniture ignores the!

I have a large persian rug mainly white/cream with pastels - Impractical, I know, inherited from my parents so I may as well use it. I have 2 Queen Anne chairs with cream botanical slipcovers and a round inlayed table about 30 inches across.

I need to get a TV stand and a sofa or sectional - I am flexible on what to get once I have the room layout figured out.

Help with room layout as well as what furniture, what colors, what style. I'm basically clueless and I want this to look as good as it can.

Thank you!

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