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What rug would work best under this L shape desk in my home office

Shubhra Dixit
4 months ago

This is my home office. I have a blue L-shape corner desk with bronze legs. I have an ergonomic Herman Miller chair. There is one teal-ish sofa bed chair in the opposite corner (visible in the photo). There is another sofa bed (dark blue, same colour as the desk) which usually sits in the other corner (under the window where you also see some cables) but right now it is not in the photo. The floor is wooden. It is cold for 5 months of the year, and warm for 3 months of the year. The rest is in between :) Sometimes when we have more than 2 guests staying over (happens 3-5 nights a year) these sofa beds open up right here and become beds. I then move my chair out of the study in the hall outside.

I was thinking of a dark blue rug (similar to the table) or a teal green rug around 130 - 160 cm diameter. My question is - can I get a round rug to begin with? If yes what colour would be nice and stylish, and what size would work well?

My concerns are that the chair has wheels (and i love moving around in the chair) so a fluffy rug might make that wheel movement difficult right? And how would i orient the rug without making it look super imbalanced, and yet keep my feet warm when i sit on my chair working at the desk?

For reference, this is the desk size 160cm by 160 cm:

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