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Earth Song by Griffith Buck. Growing in NE Iowa.

From my rose garden. This is Earth Song. It was hybridized by Griffith Buck, an Iowa State University professor. He did not patent any of his roses. Any nursery could sell them if they acquired the plant, without paying royalties to Professor Buck. He planted hybridized roses in a field in Ames, Iowa. If they were disease resistant, and survived Iowa winters, they could go into the market. If they didn't meet this two-pronged criteria, they were tossed.

After his death, Iowa State University plowed up his rose field. More recently Iowa State University realized what they lost and are trying to recover the roses he hybridized wherever they can be found.

If you are interested in growing roses, this one is a great one. Even the non-rosarians who pass by my rose beds remark on it. It is a near continuous bloomer. Its neon pink color is attractive. The flowers are high-centered as they are opening. It has a fruity scent. Unlike many other roses, it is hard to stop or slow this one from growing.