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Response to a stranger, what would you have done?

last year

Background: local media have reported a sudden upswing in scams where a person will walk up and say they are driving from point A to point B (long trip) and have run out of gas and have no money. They will then attempt to sell fake gold jewelry. I just do not want to get involved.

Strangers in general: on my walks with Clementine I see strangers all the time if I walk on the nearby busy street sidewalk, I always nod and smile and if they are close by will say 'Good Morning' (or whatever the appropriate time of day).

I have occasionally in the past helped strangers on a case by case basis. I do remember one time when some high school students said they needed gas money, I offered to help them by calling to local police to come give them a gallon or two and they hurried down the road.

I do have memories of when I was young in NYC of violence by strangers, that was over 50 years ago.

Today, I was on the side of the apartment complex with Clementine. No one else was around. A young woman drove up, saw me, parked near the dumpster and started walking toward me. She was smiling and in no obvious distress.

I went around to the front and into my apartment and shut the door. What would you have done? Should I have stayed and seen what she wanted? Is it OK (as long as a person appears happy and not injured or afraid) to just not want to get involved in a situation?

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