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Convert ensuite powder & laundry to 3/4 bath w/ smaller laundry?

Jen M
2 months ago

I'm stuck between updating the powder room and laundry OR reconfiguring the two rooms to create a 3/4 ensuite. I felt pretty confident about making a 3/4 but the longer i look at it, the more daunting the project feels. The door locations also seem to limit my idea for some of the fixture placements and i'm not sure how feasible it would be to move them. Also, we sort of love the pass-through and would hate to lose that, but could if it made the most sense. I also prefer my top loaders but not an insurmountable issue. It's tight in here, so we don't exactly have anywhere else to "steal" space from but my brain has stopped being able to visualize this project.

(I'm sure most of these measurements aren't accurate - i need to go behind this floorplan and confirm exact measurements - also in the laundry, the washer/dryer take up the full width of the space - there are no gaps lol)

I'm ready to start working on projects that customize the home a little more, some paint and some facelifting that I've avoided because I've always had one foot out of the door for a home that's larger but I'm confident that won't be happening any time soon (if at all) so I think it's time to start some projects. We don't NEED a second shower, and probably wouldn't for at least 4-ish more years (and frankly don't "need" it at all) but I'm considering the logic of doing facelifts that make the most sense, either for lifestyle or resale. I'd love an outside perspective or any thoughts!

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