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Bluestar rangetop Burners cook uneven

chris doe
15 days ago

Hello all,

My 48 RNB bluestar burns everything in the 5 0-clock position of the burner. I installed the burner leveling kit that omits the metal rail system. It is 10Xs better but still burns in the same spot on all burners. The burners are as level as possible. in the past they were out of level 1/4 inch from the factory.

It does not matter what pan i use,, it will burn in the same place every time.

Before i hear excuses from BS i thought i would ask here. I do not trust BS answers. I fought with the factory rail system for a years before being told they had a kit to fix it. they know it is a a problem.

I have had a multitude of other problems but the burner is wearing me out. My young daughter is becoming more interested in cooking and thinks she is no good because her pancakes burn.


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