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When/how to prune a parking strip Chinese Pistache

Gregory Thomson
2 months ago

I had a Chinese Pistache planted in the parking strip in April 2019.

And it's now about 14' high in September 2022.

Pics attached.

So I believe it's probably a bit over 6 years old now.

I'd like it to top out at about 25-30' probably.

And would like it to go wider, like in the 3rd attached pic.

It doesn't seem like it has a central vertical leader (?) - I think that's what it's called that keeps it growing taller. Was maybe cut off at the nursery to keep the height shorter over time?

Is there a way to prune on the bottom branches to encourage them to go wider?

And should I start pruning the top branches now so they start to grow out, more than grow up, at this point, giving the side branches then room to grow up to the 25' height, but in a more balanced way across it?

Or give it another year or two to do whatever it wants?

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