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advice on resurfacing

2 months ago

So I have a dilemma. My pool started to delaminate - only the top step right now. I think it's because the chlorine float sometimes gets stuck on it. But since I have switched to liquid it doesn't happen anymore. Anyway - my dilemma. In March I got a price to resurface with Stonescapes mini pebble. It was $6700. I had alot of out of town company scheduled to come so I didn't have it done. I got a new quote (same company - the best in my town) and it went up to $9200 !! I'm wondering if I should just get that top step patched and wait to see if the price will come down (probably not as low as it was - but more reasonable than what it is now). Or bite the bullet and just have it resurfaced for $9200. Thoughts anyone?
The pool is 70' ft perimeter and 700 sq ft interior