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another sport of Margo Koster has decided to climb after 20 years!

2 months ago

So, when we moved into our house in 1989, there was a tiny orangish peach rose growing in deep shade near a huge barberry bush. My FIL said that he remembered it from his childhood, and that it was a "good rose". So, eventually I took pity on it and moved it into the sun. It got to be about 18-24 inches high, and turned into a nice, rounded, repeat blooming bush with small blooms. I discovered it was the polyantha Margo Koster. Over the next decades, it sported twice to stable sports - one was a dark raspberry color, and one was pure white. I planted all three roses in a new bed we dug out of the lawn. The roses all did very well, with the white one being a bit larger than the other two. 15-20 years after I planted them, I just noticed that the white one has decided to be a climber! I know the MK family is famous for sporting, so I guess it has just done that again. Got to watch what they get up to! For your amusement, here is a pic I just took of the one new climbing cane on the white one. It has achieved about 7 ft. so far. Do you think if I root a cutting from it it will make an all climbing plant?


P.S. the tall bush it is climbing up is made up of Peach Drift and Lauren

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