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OT - another GIANT plant has popped up in my garden uninvited

last year

So, in another thread I showed a pic of a HUGE hollyhock plant which just appeared out of nowhere in my new garden. The best I can guess is that it was some sort of dormant seed which woke up when the amount of sun and light hitting where it was got WAY more because we took several huge roses off the house, right above it. However, it would have then had to transport itself across our driveway to end up where it did, but that is what happened. Pics of it below - in the garden, and now it is blooming. (pics 1 & 2)

Then, basically at the same time, and from the same area (this one did NOT jump across the driveway) a ridiculously huge tomato plant emerged. I had left some smallish rose bushes in the front of that bed, and it has eaten 2 1/2 of them so far. It is also making tomatoes, and we just ate some today, and they are very yummy. It was at least 25 years ago when we grew any tomatoes where this one sprung from, (Early Girl), but they were 1/4 or less of its size. (pic #3 is of my new tomato plant). Like the hollyhock, it is greener, bigger, and lusher that the two tomato plants I have growing with lots of care in another place. Go figure.


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