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10 years of progress planting yard trees.

2 months ago
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I moved into this place 10 years ago in October (2012). This house was built new, after when in 2010, a severe storm including a tornado destroyed the existing house, removed all the yard trees and displaced the former owners who were quite old and disabled.

We didn't get too much done with the yard the first year of 2012, but that same Fall, I ran out to the land outside of town, that we moved from, and dug out a small (scrubby) Picea Glauca that was growing in the shade and put it where we agreed in the back yard. DW called it the 'Charlie Brown tree'.

This picture was taken 4 years later (Oct 16), and you can see it hasn't done much over that time.

The tree had settled after planting and ended up ~4" too deep. Finally, spring of 2017 I dug it up, raised it and staked it in the same location.

Here it is today, growing nicely ~4-1/2' tall (it had a little drought damage from last year, so the main leader died).

The next spring 2013, I put another small white spruce in the front yard. I didn't take many pictures back then but here's one from April 2016 after a couple of seasons growth.

Not sure when these were planted, but a year or two later, I planted two woods dug trees (5' whips) and put them in the front yard. One closest is Fraxinus nigra and the other Acer Rubrum.

Today you wouldn't know it was the same place. The tree on the left is a honeylocust I started from seed in June of 2018. Next the red maple, black ash and the 10ft. white spruce.

Next the back yard. :-)

The back was just as barren as the front. By summer of 2013, I had the new shed installed and cut the lilacs down so we could clean up all the debris held within.

By 2014 & 2015 I did more woods dug trees (mostly the south and sw end of the yard.

October 2016. Looking NNW.

July: 2016 Looking East.

As time went on, 2016 I bought a 18" tall Canadian hemlock, a friend gifted me a wild sugar maple whip, that I thought I killed, and in 2017 bought a Japanese tree lilac (syringa reticulata).

Tsuga canadensis:

Acer saccharum:

Japanese tree lilac:

Today, this is what it looks like around here.

Tsuga Canadensis:

Acer Saccharum:

Syringa Reticulata:

Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa) from a whip, uprooted again a year later (2016?).

Juniperus virginiana from a 1-1/2' sapling (2017).

Betula papyrifera from a 2ft' whip (2015?).

I did a lot of trees from seed and cuttings also but not all of them ended up in my yard. ;-)

Other shots in contrast to barren yard of 10 years ago. :-)

Including Pinus ponderosa, Picea meyeri, Larix laricina, Pinus strobus, Pinus resinosa, Ostrya virginiana, Celtis occidentalis, and more. ;-)

eta: added date and above picture.

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