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Help with large covered porch layout :)

Lane D
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello! Our rowhome has a large, beautiful covered porch with so much potential, but I am struggling to find a layout for the decor I hope to add. The thing is, you enter from the end and walk all the way down before reaching the front door, so it feels more like a hallway, with plenty of people coming and going along the length of it, and it's hard to figure out how I can create a visually balanced space, where the different zones (porch swing, front door, seating area) don't crowd each other. Even though it's big, the fact that you're looking at it from one end most of the time tends to mask any sort of spacing or rhythm, and I haven't even thougth about how to warm it up with plants yet. I'd love to hear some ideas, please take a look at the photos I updated and let me know, thank you! PS, two of my photos don't seem to be coming through, so I've posted them below in the comments.

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