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Roses that need fast drainage versus roses that don't

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2 months ago
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This is to continue the below link on which roses prefer fast draining sand versus slow-draining clay. Below link details which roses prefer a drier climate, versus water-hogs that need tons of acidic rain:

Best own root roses for your type of soil and annual rainfall? (

I bought Prairieville Prince (2-gallon) from Antique Rose Emporium. Very drought tolerant, I water it once a month. It was in a fast-draining spot, made fluffy by previous dead tree. It got too big, so I moved it.

For the new location, husband used a pickax to break up the hard clay at 2 feet deep, until the water drains. That was NOT enough for recent 2 days of non-stop rain. It did not blackspot since I put plenty of pelletized lime in the planting hole, but lower leaves turned yellow from too much acidic rain.

So drought-tolerant roses need fast drainage and need to be dug deeper, like 3 feet to accommodate its height. Prairieville has dull leaves. My experience with dull or matte leaves like The Squire, The Dark Lady, Comte de Chambord, Big Purple, Barcelona, Carding Mill, Dr.Huey-rootstock: they need fast drainage and do better in loamy & sandy soil than in slow-drainage wet clay. Below is The Squire which blooms best in hot & dry with temp. near 100 F, blooms never fry:

Anna Promise, Pat Austin, Betty White, Orchid Romance, Bolero, Savannah, Evelyn, Twilight Zone have glossy leaves as own roots. The glossy leaves can take poor drainage clay since they are water-hogs. Orchid Romance never blackspot no matter how much rain we have, same with Betty White, Bolero, Evelyn and Savannah. These thrive in poor drainage clay, so I don't have to dig past 2 feet. Note below glossy and healthy leaves of Evelyn, a 12th-year-own root.

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