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Grass Stopped Growing Then Died

last year

I planted grass this Spring on some really dead soil above huge pine trees. It was a mixture of fescue grass. It posted about it previously because only some of it came up, but now the stuff that did come up is starting to die.

I water it quite a bit. Once it germinated and came up about an inch it stopped growing. Then I hit it with more fertilizer and it started growing again, along with massive mushrooms all over. Once the temperatures cooled off I noticed the grass dying. No more mushrooms either. I assumed it was water related so I did more water, with no change.

My thoughts are that maybe it's a fungus, because at one point during the summer some of the grass had some white powder growing on it. Or maybe it's fertilizer related? I haven't done more fertilizer because I'm worried about over doing it. I pulled up some grass to check for grubs and found a lot of organic matter in the soil so maybe the soil just sucks and needs to break down more?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'll try to add some pictures.

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