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Rock salt concrete - expert advice appreciated!

2 months ago

We are getting concrete with a rock salt finish this week. This is the part of the project I am most nervous about. I have a really good idea of what I want and what I don’t want as far as texture (see attached image), but I don’t understand what options the guys will have for controlling it. The examples I’ve seen that I love have a light texture without a lot of deep holes of any size. Is this about the brand of rock salt? Roller vs trowel? Amount of time before throwing the salt (or stage in the drying process)? How far the rocks are pushed into the concrete?

I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos, but I can’t find really detailed info. Thanks in advance for any and all knowledge/tips you can throw my way! I just want this to go really well for us and for the concrete guys. I want to be able to clearly tell them what I want so they don’t have to guess at what I mean.


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