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Sun Tolerant Hosta bed in jeopardy! Shade tree coming down!

A few years ago, I created a sun tolerant hosta bed on the east side of my house. I planted Sagae, Liberty, Queen Josephine, Nigrecens Nigrescens and many others. They have down well getting 10 a.m. to 1:30 sun. This year with the terrible heat in June and July, several of them really fried. This October the large Box Elder on the east side of my yard has to come down due to rot. It’s been providing that early a.m. shade. Now the bed will have sun several hours earlier and I fear the toll it will take on the plants. I am considering a shade or awning of some type. A pergola is a good idea except we have so much wood in our decks, it wood be too much. Suggestions?

Bed and decks, ignore the wet cloths from the rain please:



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