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Compost with a rock consistency

Alejandro Gonzalez
last year
last modified: last year

Hi folks, how are you doing? hope everyone is doing fine :)

I´ve been doing my own compost since last year, and I notice that the end result (after I add it to my plants ) is more like small hard as rock chunks of composts, instead of a normal soil consistency...

Every place I read about compost they say that the end result must look,feel and smell like soil.. In my case it smells like soil and has the same colour as normal soil... but when it dries it gets extreamly solid , like if it was a rock.... will try to add some pictures to clarify this.

Any idea of what could I be doing wrong?

Its a home plastic compost bin, with draining/ventilation holes. I only compost raw vegetables, fruits, cardboard and coffee . nothing more than that..

Thanks :)

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