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Protecting shrub from dryer vent

Lalala (zone 6b)
2 months ago

Hi all, This spring I moved a little lime hydrangea and added a small rhododendron where it had been. It is located a few feet from our dryer vent, which didn't particularly affect they hydrangea but seems to be making the rhody struggle; it has a lot of brown leaves and the new growth looks unhappy. Another rhody elsewhere is much perkier. I'm sure the extreme heat and drought this summer didn't help. I'd like to put up something to help shield it from the dryer vent, at least for the next year while it settles in. Any ideas, or has anyone had this issue? I was thinking a small wooden panel (not sure from where) or two stakes with a sturdy fabric like shade cloth stapled to it. I don't want to box in the vent too much which may cause other problems. Thanks!

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