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Blooms From the Past Few Days

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I finally had the ffo on Blue Swallowtail. It was one of those that the deer devoured all the buds back in mid-May. A new one that I added last year, it was only one fan at the beginning of the season and I watered it regularly in the hopes that it would rebloom. And so it did start reblooming at the beginning of this past week.

Blue Swallowtail ffo

As I watched the scape develop I was suspicious that this wouldn't turn out to be Blue Swallowtail, mainly because the branching and bud count were so much higher than the registration stats. The second reason I was skeptical was because I had received one wrong plant from the same order. Blue Swallowtail turns out to my Bud King this year with 27 buds and five-way branching - on a rebloom scape! It's registered as having 18 buds and four-way branching.

Blue Swallowtail today - You can see the nice lateral branching in this photo. The eye for me is not really blue, but more of a gray lavender.

White Ambrosia started reblooming today in the same bed as Blue Swallow. I think the original scape had 11 buds. This rebloom scape has 18 buds and better branching. It's not nearly as white as blooms on the original scapes that flowered when temps were near 100. The temp starting out this morning was 69 degrees, and the past days had highs in the mid-80s.

Tides Roll In started on another rebloom scape today. This is its third rebloom scape.

Spacecoast Irish Illumination finished reblooming a couple of days ago. I hope this one flourishes because I think it will be a stunner at clump strength.

I'm anxiously awaiting the ffo on Jewel of Tavares later this week, and I have a few more seedlings with rebloom scapes coming. So the daylily show is not over yet.

I'm also getting a bit of rebloom on two of my clematis vines.

Venosa Violacea


I have the white Sweet Autumn Clematis is blooming in three places, although I haven't taken a picture of it. The Wild Ageratum is full of its blue blooms, and the Japanese Anemones and Chrysanthemums have just started opening. It will be a lovely Autumn!


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