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Pruning question

Nancy Graham
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hi All, I have a plum tree that we've had for a couple years. It needs a little help- first, it had one year that it was so overloaded with fruit that it fell over (my fault). So I cleared the fruit off, and got it sort of upright. And then this year, I just straightened it some more (by manually pulling it up straighter) and have it staked to help keep it there. The main trunk is now about vertical. I haven't pruned it before since it's had a couple rough years, but I want to make a couple careful cuts this year to both help get it into better shape, and to encourage it to stay straight by being more balanced. Can you help recommend me what to cut?

The main trunk takes a turn, there is a single smaller branch that goes up straight, but curls around other branches (you can kind of see it in the 4th picture), and there is a lot of crossing of other little branches, but I don't want to overprune this year. I can take more pictures if that'd be helpful.