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Do you use tasting spoons? My latest obsession

last year

I think the people here are just the ones to indulge me on this topic. I've been looking for tasting spoons for this new crock I picked up a few weeks ago. The one on the left with the spoon in it will be used to house tasting spoons next to my stove. The one on the right was cute, so came along for the ride.

I'm obsessive about food sampling hygiene when I cook for others, but usually just reach into the drawer for a new spoon each time I need to taste a dish. However, I often run out of spoons before serving time, especially with soups. I decided a display of interesting, dedicated tasting spoons is in order.

I don't want plastic. I'd love to use vintage spoons, but am concerned about lead content.

I did find these interesting ones below.

Standard beechwood from C&B:

A soup-tasting spoon from Etsy, but that looks like it could be messy without the bowl under it.

My favorite one... pewter. I love it. Description says pewter is cooling so makes it good for tasting hot sauces, etc. But at $29, I think it will be my special one.

Does anyone use dedicated spoons for tasting while you cook? If so, what materials/styles do you find most practical?

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