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We can’t pick exterior paint color. Stuck! Please help!


We are trying to update the front of our house. We have lived here for 9 years and we’ve always wanted to update it to be more modern and have more curb appeal (less blah and mismatch). In doing the update it also needs a full scrub down and repair rotting wood/caulking, etc.

We completed 2 of 5 updates but have several more to go and hit a color roadblock before we can move forward with the rest of the project.

1. Updated rusted, blue (color of shutters), steel door with walnut fiberglass

-We are still trying to color match the color of the walnut fiberglass door and use that color to paint the trim around the door and between window panels so it looks like all wood

2. Updated failing brick pathway and steps with stamped concrete

-The permanent trim color (acid stain) of the concrete turned more red than we expected but it does still work with the brick and brings some warmth to the washed out blah feel of house. We put red mulch to try to tie it together.

  1. Update the grey around the door archway

-Open to ideas?? Pull from color from brick or do different color all together?

4. Update the beige grey garage color-

-Not sure what would help it recede since all you see is the garage when you pull up. And don’t know if the color should match what we paint the shutters or area around door?

  1. Replace shutters

-We considered removing all together but the siding is significantly different from years of sun so until we update the siding we will need shutters. Again, don’t know if we should try to find walnut fiberglass to match the door or try to match the color we do on the arch above door?

Thank you so much in advance for your help! We can't wait to hear your ideas :-) . Thank you!!

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