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Struggling with my Fittonia (Nerve Plant) :(

2 months ago

Hey everyone! I got a fittonia about a year ago to go in my college dorm. It used to grow SO quickly and was a happy little thing, but recently it has not been doing well.

I decided to repot in early June because the original Walmart soil had never been replaced (and because someone else wayyyy overwatered it while I was out of town), and it naturally had some transplant shock and wilted for a week or two. After that, it bounced back, but unfortunately I went out of town again for a week and no one remembered to water it... Upon my return, about 1/3 of the plant was suuuuper crispy, so I had to chop a lot of it. Ever since then, it's been dropping leaves left and right. They start to turn brown/orange at the edges, lose their firmness, and just fall off. I made a spontaneous decision a few minutes ago to chop all of the ones with brown and will try to attach recent photos below. I'm curious to see if there's a way to encourage growth at the old nodes where leaves have been cut or if it would just be better to cut up the whole thing and try propagating. I just don't want to have the props fail and lose the whole plant because it has a lot of sentimental value :,)

As for care -- The fittonia did sit near a window with a sheer curtain but has been moved on the ground by the window to get more light, and I water whenever I notice the soil is dry (but ideally before it starts to droop). It has had to adjust to a new environment again over the past few weeks because I recently moved into my dorm. It's still growing some new leaves, but if you look at the two on the shortest stalk, you can see that they're somehow stunted in growth (and have much broader white veins) for some reason.

I'm thinking part of it might be a humidity issue and have considered moving to a terrarium of sorts, but ideally I think I'd still want something with a drainage hole and some ventilation.... and at this point I doubt there's a way to remove the damage that's already been done without propagating and starting over. I'm just nervous to start propping now that we're past the growing season.

TLDR; very sad, struggling plant needs some TLC that I don't know how to give.

Fittonia now:

Fittonia a few months ago:

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