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Symmetry shmymmetry, or will this be a layout error?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

This is a new custom build. In a great room that's 46ft long and about 20 ft deep, one end is the kitchen, middle is dining table, far end is living room. Corridor along one side goes from foyer through room. Lots of windows and sliding doors on south and west walls, with views. 13-foot ceiling at peak, 9ft at lowest, 8-ft windows (roof comes down in an overhang over the terrace that wraps outside).

I will have an induction cooktop, so it will be invisible from the rest of the room, but of course there's a hood--not a chimney hood, but an awning-style hood. The round duct might be seen snaking up the wall, or I can cover part of it with cabinet. (it's a modern-ish style interior)

I suggested revisions to KD plan to make the kitchen work better for my cooking style, but it throws off symmetry. So: does it matter in a room that size if the cooktop and hood are not centered on the kitchen wall? I want to move them south. Maybe this will look terrible?

Sink in island is directly across from cooktop = bad, imo. I want sink not lined up with cooktop, and I want more counterspace to the side of the cooktop that's nearest sink, as an extension of my main prep area on either side of sink, so I can turn around and place things on the counter, not walk to the other side of the cooktop. In my drawing I've probably made it 5ft to left of cooktop but 4 ft would be fine.

Right now there are two islands that are 7x3. I think that's one island too many. One has a bar sink and seating, but I don't want island seating. Can move the bar sink to south counter next to fridge and have a small breakfast table. I would rather have one larger island with more countertop on either side of sink.

If I remove the full-height pantry on the south wall and move the fridge over to make more counter space west of fridge, I'm told it will ruin symmetry of that wall, too.

Main sink in island faces west. Countertop L is on east and south walls. Window locations prevent main sink from being on the wall. If I enlarge the island for more prep space next to the sink it will mean that if I have pendants they won't be centered on the cooktop wall and the whole island will no longer be centered on the sliding doors leading to the west terrace at the far end of the great room about 40ft away.

Does this matter? Does anything matter? What is the meaning of life?

Will these asymmetries give everyone a headache? Will they look like mistakes?

Maybe the original design is wonderful and I should leave it alone?

The cooktop wall is roughly 14.5ft and the fridge wall is 16. Every aisle is approximately 4ft wide. The walls that are pictured on east and west are supporting walls. I apologize for my scribble and lack of detailed measurements. (I will go stand in a corner.)

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My (messy) revisions:

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