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Hydrangea from bush to tree form.

2 months ago

I started a thread on this plant a long time ago and can't find it.

There's been some discussions about pruning up a standard hydrangea shrub into a tree form.

This plant was already on the property when I arrived here 10 years ago and was moved a few years later. Back then I posted in the 'name that plant form' and unsure if we ever got the name pinned down.

Last season, I pruned all the branches off, leaving only the trunk and it grew numerous branches from there this spring (excuse the deer protection, the deer already got a few buds munched).

July 3, 2022:

The blooms came out kind of spotty with dry conditions. It rained hard August 12 but looked pretty good considering.

August 13, 2022:

We got hard rain after that, and it did still 'droop' but is better than everything laying flat on the ground (I broke a few blooms off shaking rain so it's a little sparser than it could've been).

Sept.4, 2022:

The trunk is still pretty thin for all that top weight so I stake it to keep it straight.

So I'll keep working at it and see if I can get it a little taller over the years. :-)

Oh, and if anyone can tell me the name of this ~30 yo hydrangea, here's pics of leaves and blooms.


Some late buds coming.

More leaves & stem:

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