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Help choosing Bona sealer for old pine floors

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello. Sanding has commenced on my heart pine, yellow pine, or as my contractor calls it, pumpkin pine. Whatever pine it is, its beautiful and came out far better than anticipated considering the bad shape and decades of neglect.

i want them as close to the fresh sanded color as possible. The final coats will be Traffic HD in either satin or matte. My contrator wants to do 2 coats of NaturalSeal but is also warning that will darken things. My concern with the 2 coats of natural is the opposite - that it will be more like Nordic and look washed out. He’s also confusing me by saying he should use another sealer that isnt Natural (or Bona?) that will not alter anything. He also keeps mentioning oil sealer, so…Anyhow, I want to keep with the Bona as we set out to do.

Any insight or advice would be much appreciated!

Pics are a little colored by the light and my phone. The floors are consistsntly very warm and lean orange-ish.

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