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Looking for cheap strategies to Prolong Growing Season

last year

Any ideas on how to extend my growing season?

I am new to gardening and sure have broken all the rules of gardening, but I have enjoyed it thus far. My pepper plants, although crowded due to my lack of knowledge, are doing great and starting to fruit. Now, I am concerned that they would not make it through the winter, so I came up with a plan (maybe a dumb one, but hoping it works lol). I am in zone 3b so only have 99 days, which is almost over.

  1. Build a greenhouse: I am building a wooden greenhouse and plan to cover it with a 6-mil plastic sheet. If possible, I hope to double the plastic sheet to help with insulation
  2. Wrap black garbage bags around the back of the greenhouse to help with insulation.
  3. Use the greenhouse outside into late September and then move it into my garage by early October. Fortunately, I have a space for it in my garage and still have enough space for my tiny car.
  4. Install full spectrum grow lights and some fluorescent bulbs for lights. I read that pepper likes about 12 hours of light.
  5. Use bubble wraps and styrofoam to wrap around the greenhouse and cover the cement floor to reduce heat loss.
  6. install a mini fan to help with pollination.

The problem is my garage is not insulated and I don't have a deep pocket to buy a heater, so I am hoping my plan would work. All I want to do is to be able to harvest some peppers and reap the reward for my hard work. Will this work or what other ideas have you tried, please share. I am in Airdrie Alberta and our winter gets

cold. Also, do I need to cut off the leaves from the pepper plants before bringing them in or can I move them as they are? All my plants are in a raised bed that is movable.

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