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Under stairs office ideas/solutions

Karlo Salopek
2 months ago

Hello everyone,

As you all help me finding solutions in my kitchen, I've decided to try to find help for small home office (PC area). More for fun than for work.

In video on link below you can see a layout of living room, dinning room and PC area under stairs (lets call it ''office''). The sketch from video is far from finishing so don't mind details (furniture, colours, etc...)


I am using PC few hours a day and I want TV to be in my eyesight, so I put PC under stairs and right side leave open so I can have sight to TV.

On next screenshot you can see the green area that has to be open because of sight and red area that I have no idea what to do with. Should I put some shelves which will divide office a bit?

In next picture you can see sitting area. I put it there because I still have no idea what to do. L-shaped table and PC have to be under stairs, but I do not know what to do with the rest of the office.

I do not have any specific question about it.

I just want to hear how would you do it for yourself. Maybe someone has or saw any interesting idea or solution. What would you put in your small office? More shelves, closets, cabinets? There is no bad proposal.

Thank you in advance,


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