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Rocky Mountain Weather

It's been Rocky!

There was a hailstorm at the garden with a reported larger than quarter-size hailstones! (I could show a picture the WS posted from a location about 4 miles away. Some distance further and at home, no hail. Scars on pumpkins and squash, one damaged ear of corn, a hole punched in an eggplant, one cucumber broken in half (!), one or two tomatoes punched, several melons damaged so badly they began to rot ... In the continuing record high heat of August!

The saving grace relative to weather for the big veggie garden is that the wind just hasn't been so bad on sprinkler days. It hit 103° this week and may be over 100° again today. Wow, we have had light frosts in the last week of August and a big cool-down in years past.

All this recent HEAT after precious little sunshine during the weeks starting plants in the greenhouse and a near-record cool May after many of the transplants were set out. Instead of much Ups&Downs this growing season we have had doowwwnnn ....UP!

How about for You?


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