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Last blooms, reblooms, and a first bloom

last year
last modified: last year

Tricolor on rebloom looks better than first bloom. Much more defined color

Karin Cooke on rebloom has paler edges

Jellyfish Jealousy finishing blooming. It bloomed late this year and had pale colors.

Green Rainbow

Bold Approval was new-suffered during heat and dry weather in June and July. It just put up a scape.

August Wedding was pretty on rebloom

Merlot on my Mind put up several rebloom scapes

Second Horizon

And for Maryl-this is part of my border of the profusion zinnias. Pardon my edging-it got away from me while I was ill.Bermuda grass will do that!!! Ughhh!

perhaps waiting for a hummer? Hmmm….

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