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Issues with new sod installation....

6 months ago


About 3 months ago I had a 4,000sf lawn re sodded with TifGrand. Initially, it looked pretty decent but I thought it was bumpier than it should be resulting in a few scalped areas as well as some areas, but not terrible. I called the company and asked them what they could do about it. The first reply was to soak the yard over night and then roll with heavy equipment. Everything I read indicated that was a bad idea so I suggested top dressing. They were fine.

Well, that's where it went downhill. The first attempt was literally taking 30 or so bags of sand and "dumping" them in certain spots, almost creating mounds. The yard looked like a golf course full of sand traps. I called and said this wasn't going to work and they needed to fix it. They did come out smooth, blow, remove as much sand as possible and then proceed to "top dress" with a soil mixture. This is what I came home to after that attempt

This was definitely not what I was expecting based on what I'd seen online and in reading up on it. They came out and and asked for me to give it time, etc which I did. This was about 2 months ago. Fast forward to today and yes, a lot, but not all, of the grass has filled in but unfortunately the two attempts at top dressing has actually made the yard worse as far as bumps resulting in scraping and "circles" created by the mower. See pics from last mow:

I met with them today and they said for a 3 month old lawn this looks "great" but blamed the issues I was having on my mower and mow height which doesn't make any sense to me. I'm using an HRX217 honda mower, sharp blades, set at 2". The company said I should go up to 2.5' and I'll never get "good" results with a "homeowner grade" mower. Never heard that you can't have a nice yard with a homeowner grade mower.

We did walk the yard and to me it's obvious that it's bumpy as there are holes and bumps throughout compared to my neighbor but they walked the same areas and said this feels fine, so that's a subjective call.

So, my questions are:

- Do the "after pic" look as bad as I think they do?

-Is 2" actually too low for hybrid bermuda with a rotary mower and would cause these issues?

-Is 2.5" too high and will result in thin, leggy bermuda over time, if that even "fixes" it?



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