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Nursery help please! (with photos)

7 months ago

I am due with my first baby soon and struggling with which room to make the nursery. I need outside input! Photos below & here's my thoughts:

Our Front Room is currently an office, Middle Room a guest room, and Back Room a master bedroom. I wanted to make Middle Room the nursery for these reasons:

1. It's larger

2. It has a better closet

3. Closer to the bathroom where we'll bathe baby

4. It shares a wall with our master bedroom

5. Has a blank wall without windows I could make a painted feature wall

Reasons I didn't love Front Room for a nursery:

1. At the front of the house/next to the front door

2. Further from master bedroom

3. Oddly placed windows so crib would be under a window/couldn't do painted feature

4. Guest room could move into there and become a combined guest room/office (guest room is rarely used anyway)

Great reasoning right?! Well now I'm wondering if I'm doing this backwards...

Should Front Room become the nursery so it can STAY the nursery for baby #2 (no idea when he/she will come along) and our firstborn can transition into the Middle Room as a "big boy room"? I'm wondering if eventually Middle Room could house both a toddler and a newborn? A shared room would work right? Or would we have to eventually make Front Room a nursery and eliminate a guest room altogether once baby #2 arrives?

Thinking too far into the future could be driving me crazy or it could be a good thing, I don't know haha. I can't move forward with the design until I'm sure of which room and why! Thanks for being willing to help!

Make Front Room nursery
Make Middle Room nursery

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