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Improve curb appeal by adding front porch? What style do you see?

last year
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Hi! I would like to improve the curb appeal of this modest, 1350sf, 3 bed bed/1 bath 1930’s home. I think the style might be “craftsman cottage”, but i am not sure. The eave support brackets and those supporting the diminutive entry gable suggest a Craftsman style, but beyond those elements, the “4 over 1” windows throughout, and the 4 small, low, and symmetrically placed brick porch column bases in front of the home, there are few details to help place it clearly in any design category. If you see more clues than I currently see, please let me know your thoughts.

The best thing it has going for it is the symmetry of the center front door with 2 sets of 4 over 1 windows on each side. The small gable “porch” over the entry does not appear to be original to me. I wonder if the 4 column bases have always defined an uncovered front porch or if they may have supported columns and a larger covered porch at one time.

The home sits on a street and in an area of some more architecturally significant homes. There are a wide range of styles as is often the case with homes built in the 30s-40s-50s just a few blocks from a large university. I would like to elevate the curb appeal so it will subtly “hold its own” while embracing the simple lines of its construction. I am curious what you guys would suggest.

I will be replacing the roof soon, but want to tie it in to the overall look of the home. If I “rebuild” what i currently believe was the original front porch, I will obviously need tie that roof into the main roof. I am open to all of your thoughts and ideas!

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