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Arborvitae trees (Thuja) have a problem. What should I do?

3 months ago

The Summer has been very dry. For the first part of the Summer, I was watering the Thuja trees almost daily. But it became so hot, the watering schedule broke down. Perhaps for July the Thujas were being watered once a week. Then there was a big rainstorm. A week later I noticed some changes in the trees. The leaves are very dry. Some are yellowing, others are green but very dry and practically breaking off. Some branches turned grey with the leaves completely gone or the leaves very fragile. My one healthy Thuja tree is bright green. The leaves aren't wet, but they certainly aren't dry and breaking off on that tree. If there is anyone who has some experience and knowledge about arborvitae trees, let me know. If you respond, I will send some pictures to assist you coming to an assessment in the problem and a possible solution. What I have done now is I pulled out any weeds near the base of the trees. I pruned the low branches and shook out dead needles or cut very sickly/weak branches and leaves. I raked the material away ffrom the base, and will daily prune any brown leaves. I have watered them, but now I will wait 3 or 4 days, or perhaps one week to water again, depending on how dry the soil is at the base of the tree.

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