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Any more experiences/reviews of the Keeks “Emma” Eames chair replica?

5 months ago

I am planning on buying one or two Eames Lounge Chairs of some kind, likely replicas, one for myself and one for my girlfriend for Xmas. I have ruled out Urban Furnishings/The Iconic Chair and any Curvek products due to some of the supsect or plagiarized reviews and phony posts here, as well as experiences I have read online. The same goes for anything on Amazon. That leaves the Keeks Design or an original Herman Miller chair. The problem with getting the Herman Miller is not just the cost, but my girlfriend’s lovable 1-year-old cat likes to claw leather furniture on occasion. The GF would likely keep the chair covered if she was not around, or put it somewhere where the cat has limited access or even take it to work. Even so, if something happens it is not as much of a disaster if a replica that gets clawed as it is if a $6,000 Herman Miller piece gets some feline attention. The logical thing is to get myself an original and her a replica, but obviously from an emotional standpoint I am not going to get myself something better than she has.

`I saw the very favorable comments from @Bob Visintainer regarding the Keeks Design chairs and am leaning in that direction. That is a sample size of one, though. Has anyone else bought the Keeks Design product and if so, what do you have to report, good or bad? I l know it will not be as good as a Herman Miller, but it it seems quality and if it is comfortable it will do for now! If there are any high quality replicas I have missed I would appreciate suggestions as well - except NO posts recommending I get a used vintage Eames chair for $4,000. If I am spending that much I am going to get a new one from Herman Miller, plus I can’t just conjure one out of thin air. I need something I can get when decide to pull the trigger, and that means a new chair.

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  • Susan Stamet
    last month

    I've toyed for years with getting a replica and i've researched them on and off during that time. I just didn't really have a good space for one. I'm finally going to pull the trigger today. I decided to go with Keeks Design only because I haven't seen any negative reviews. That said, I haven't been able to find many reviews of them at all. There are some on their website, but I don't consider those trustworthy for obvious reasons. They say delivery time is only 1-5 business days, but a comment from a month ago on the other thread said they had to wait for 8 months for a white one. Fingers crossed that the 1-5 days is current and correct. I'll follow up after it arrives.

  • A M
    Original Author
    last month
    last modified: last month

    I ended up getting two Herman Miller chairs from an authorized dealer, just just picked them up two days ago. As I kept researching the replica companies, none of them seemed trustworthy - even Keeks. The replicas are still a lot of money and not a good investment long-term. My recommendation after replica shopping is to get a good price from an authorized dealer, take your time and save your money, and get the real thing - you will be glad you did. In the long term, and over the rest of your life the money is not much. You will not have to assemble them, either! I also learned Herman Miller is a really good company with very positive social values and for decades has done a lot to give back to society through their history, a tradition that continues today. (There is a good YouTube video about this, look it up.) It felt really good to support them.