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I Killed My IceBreaker

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Just short of annuals, in which in mass plantings, I'll get a few that just pewter out early in the season .

I killed my Icebreaker I planted this spring.

No clue what happened. I did notice it's decline a month back when it has some brown needles. I brushed my over it to remove all loose brown needles and was going to observe it

It's on drip so doesn't get a blast of water....but I did run my hose on it by accident yesterday and noticed a bunch of silver/green needles completly just fell off. This morning ran, my hand over it to confirm my hunches and for sure, she's gone....

In my brief readings, I do recall there was some fellow members or I remember one post who stated they were on their 3rd IceBreaker.

Eh, it was BEAUTIFUL but it guess it wasn't in the cards.

Off to decide on a new conifer to replace it's spot

It's been quite some time I killed a plant ......and the silver needles was so different !

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