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Let's have a Central District GardenWeb Roses get together Sept. 2022

Hi folks

I am always jealous when I read about other GW Rose members actually physically meeting each other elsewhere and even visiting each others' yards. I'm proposing a date for a central region get-together, since Lincoln NE is hosting the Central District Rose show this Sept. 23-25. Yeah, I have never exhibited and seriously doubt I'll ever get into it though I'll try some novice and OGR events just to help out this year. Way too many details and WAY too early in the morning for a night owl like me. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing what others bring and meeting other rose people in the region.

If you like exhibiting, please consider joining us. Beyond that though, even if you're like me and don't get into exhibiting, let's try getting together in person in a central location. Lincoln NE is just about dead center in the lower 48 states so it's an achievable drive for people from a lot of neighboring states. I'd love to meet any of you that are willing to trek out here, and in honor of any GW Rose members who make it here that weekend I offer the following added (free) perks:

- A meal of your choice at my favorite local farm to table restaurant (Green Gateau)

- A tour of whatever is left of my rose garden once I've cut roses that might be exhibit-worthy

- A chance to visit what is officially labeled the best zoo in the world (less than an hour away in Omaha) - can't offer this one free, but it's well worth it

- Priceless face to face interaction with other regional GardenWeb Rose friends!!

I'm happy to communicate by email with anyone interested in stopping by if you let me know here you're interested. I'll post the show details and registration in separate posts for folks that are willing to consider stopping by!


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