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Beware of Fleetwood Awning Windows

last month

For our new ADU or granny flat, we went with top of the line Fleetwood aluminum windows, their newest series, the 450-T series - they advertise "The Series 450-T is Fleetwood’s next generation operable window and is part of our elite Gen4 family."

We were expecting amazing awning windows! Instead, we have awning windows that do not open even an inch! This is not a joke or an exaggeration.

This is how far the kitchen awning window opens! We spent, excluding taxes and delivery, $1,870 for this one Fleetwood awning window. On the order is this - "Rotogear limits awning/vent opening, 3-8inches" We all thought, including our architect, that this meant the window would open from 3 to 8 inches. No, it mean this is it, not even an inch beyond the exterior. Neither the Fleetwood rep we were dealing with nor our salesperson knew this it what we would be getting.

The window below was meant to catch the prevailing breeze. It does not, barely opening as it does.

We spent $2,772 on this window that catches no breeze!

Fleetwood thinks their products are satisfactory. They think, for their top of the line Gen4 windows, awning windows that barely crack open are fine. This is simply not knowing how to engineer a window. We have Loewen awning windows throughout our main house, and they open beautifully to allow cooling breezes. Not these Fleetwood windows, you get no breeze, almost no cooling whatsoever. Save yourself and your money, do not get Fleetwood windows. If they think this is acceptable, they are not to be trusted.

This is one of many of our Loewen awning windows. A well engineered window is not an impossibility.

It is too late for us, but hopefully others can save themselves from making the same mistake we made.

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