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Delicata, or not?

Doug Powell
3 months ago

This year I decided to grow delicata squash, my wife's favorite. On a lark, I used kitchen scrap seeds and in spring sprouted indoors to get a head start. I prepped the bed by double digging composted dairy manure and planted eight hills. After they were established I did fertilize with a light application of super phosphate, as indicated by a soil test. Well, the plants are monstrous and the squash is looking great. However, two plants, especially large, are growing squash on the vine that look different. The overall length of the squash is about 8". They are oblong, nearly round, and smooth skinned. They have the same striped coloration as the other delicata, but the expected grooves and rough skin are not there. All the other plants are producing squash that look very much like the parent and match the typical pictures on seed packets. I've not cut one of these open yet as I want to mature them on the vine for at least another two to three weeks. We are in a rather dry zone 5, with very little rain and about 15% R.H., so I have to water deeply every morning and on hot days, water again later in the day; just to prevent wilting of those big leaves and stems.
Can anyone give me an idea on what's up with my round delicatas?
Thanks, doug

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