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Can I move my gas stove in upstairs condo of colonial

last year
last modified: last year

First time home buyer here. Just moved in to a two -family upstairs condo in an older colonial builing . I have no access to the neighbors unit downstairs. My kitchen has an extremely awkward layout with the gas stove on its own adjacent to one small interior walll, and the sink, dishwasher and cabinets are on the opposite wall of the kitchen ( it is a wall to the exterior of the building and the kitchen is 10 ft wide) , There is a window above the sink. I want to move my gas stove to the wall next to the exterior so that I can vent it out and also for a more practical cooking experience. When moving the stove to the opposite wall, I won't be able to position it directly opposite to where it is now as that is where the window is. Right now the floor has vinyl on it. Can I safely move the gas line across the room to reposition my stove? Is that very costly ? I aam working on a fairly tight budget. Alternatively , should I just cap the gas line where it is now and get an electric stove instead? The unit has 100 A. If I cap the gas line, is it safe to have the refridgerator covering the capped line? If the line is moved, is it safe to put new vinyl or tile for flooring? Many thanks!

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