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We're doing a bit of celebrating

7 months ago

I have been growing a pineapple at my house for over a year now, and harvested it a week or so ago. If you have not tasted a fully ripe home grown pineapple, I highly recommend it. What a treat. It takes about a year and a half or more to mature a pineapple in our climate (middle of SC) without a fully functional greenhouse, but it can be done. This is the second time I have grown one. The first one overwintered in our basement in front of a fairly sunny window, and this one spent the winter in an enclosed part of our back porch with less sunlight and a small electric heater. Both plants spent summers in the front yard in full sun.

This plant came from the top of a store bought fresh pineapple that I cut the top off and planted. The plant that produced the pineapple has left me with a top that has already sprouted a hefty set of roots and is ready to plant. There are 7 pups growing on the stem that held the pineapple, and a really big pup growing from the base of the original plant. I'm looking for friends around town with enough room to to grow them to offer the plants as gifts. Now that's going to be a party in the not too distant future. Photos below, Me with the treasure, and the opened fruit.

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