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Help! Salvaging original white oak!

last year
last modified: last year

Me again!!
We’ve paused the refinishing, the stains are too prominent and I want a light white oak floor, going dark to mask the stains isn’t an option.

My two options now are to tear up the flooring and replace all new.
Or my floor guy gave me a wild card of refurbishing the entire floor by pulling it all up and strategically putting back in to spread out the stains. He is saying this will create a more rustic look and still have the character of old wood.
I don’t love the idea of new white oak, the look of what is there now is preferred minus the awful splatter stains. I can deal with some stains but not the small splatter stains that cover most of the floor aren’t worth it..
this is where the option to pull up and mix and match the boards has come in.

Thoughts on this refurbishing process please!! Has anyone done this and points if you have pics!!!?

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