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Planning to sell in 1-2 years - replace carpet now?

We own a 120-year old home in lower Westchester County (NYC suburbs) that we are thinking of selling in the next 1-2 years (moving out of state). When we purchased it 6 years ago, the carpet (on the stairs and throughout the entire second floor) was in fair shape, and not a horrible color (a slightly dated warm neutral), so we decided to get a few more years out of it before updating.
Six years later, the carpet is pretty clearly in need of replacing. A steam clean would probably suffice to make it "sellable" in most of the bedrooms, but the stairs and hallway look very worn. Also, my stepdaughter (an artist), basically destroyed the carpet in one of the bedrooms with charcoal, paint, etc. Before we decided to move, we were planning to replace the carpet in all of the bedrooms and potentially repair/refinish the wood floors in the hallway and on the stairs (would depend on their condition, which we assume is pretty bad). However, now that we have a moving date in it worth it? We can live with it for another year or two ourselves, but I don't want to create a glaring eyesore issue for potential buyers, particularly given that the rest of the house is nicely updated.
What would you do in this situation? Replace stairs and hall only (with something high traffic appropriate) and leave the rest? Leave all of it and just price appropriately? Real estate in Westchester was selling sight unseen during COVID but things are beginning to normalize, so I don't want to be penny wise/pound foolish about an update that may make a big difference in a buyer's first impression of the home. TIA for any advise you can offer!

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