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August Week 4 , Time for Fall Gardening.

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Time to plant for the fall if it'll rain and cool down some.

I planted rutabaga and turnips and shell beans , some carrots , beets and kohlrabi,.

Tried not to plant the rutabaga too thick but it's hard to space out that small of seed.

Same with the turnips. Planted a patch of Shogoin turnips by broadcasting. Planted a couple of rows of Purple Top like I did with the rutabaga. I did 2 varieties of rutabaga ; American Purple Top and Magres .

Planted some shell beans , a little Dwarf Horticutural , some left over Dragon tongue from last year and "Light Red Kidney". Didn't replant any green beans , the grasshoppers here are so bad that I don't have much hope for any of the beans making it. The hoppers will probably nub them right back down , unless it cools off enough to slow them down . How about it weather boy...?

Planted a little summer squash too.

About the okra and cowpeas ; okra is still a little slow getting with it and the cowpeas are next to drying up in the heat.

Hope it rains more than it has as of yet.


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