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Shopping for Fall Clothes, Organizing

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BBstx thread to find a top for her skiirt led me to try on fall clothes to see what fits, what is too old, or dated, and what I actually need to plug holes in my fall wardrobe. Aside from being delighted to fit into everything (a happy surprise!) I realized I have lots of multiples of staples. None was so evident than hoisery :( I updated my trouser sock supply before going through what I had and putting them away was good reason to organize. Minus many pairs of outworn sociks and tights, this is what I have now

I used shoe boxes from shoes going to Goodwill to corral them Marie Kondo style.

So far in addition to five pairs of sociks I clearly did not need I have bought a cotton knit jacket, a charcoal cashmere sweater with 3/4 sleeves and a pair of dark green suede driving shoes. (Since my Achilles tendon injury I actually find these easier to drive in and keep a pair in the car.)

What have you bought for fall, or are you thinking of it yet? Any organizing to share? I recently watched a youtube called “You’re Doing Home Organizing Wrong” that had some good tips. she exhorted people to use shoe boxes instead of buying containers, and I took the advice with good results.

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