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An introduction and a few Q's about my seedlings

5 months ago

Hi. I'm Honu and usually found hanging out in the home decorating forums. But my adenium gifted me with a seed pod this summer so I find myself here looking for guidance and hoping to meet like minded people. I planted these seeds on 8/11 and as of today, 8/19, almost all have sprouted. Having never grown these from seed, I have several questions. Photos below were taken this morning. Oh, and I'm in Zone 12. Here are my Q's:

1. I planted the seeds in 4" pots. Was this a mistake? They look leggy.

1.a When they're able to be transplanted should I move them to smaller pots?

2. The seeds have been under a plastic covering. Should I remove the covering or keep them under a bit longer?

3. At what point can they take direct sunlight? Our sunlight is pretty strong but I can do filtered light under my avocado tree.

Any other advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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