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Leaning ficus benjamin

Michele Rossi
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Now I'll tell you how stupid I was (terribly stupid). Al @tapla (mid-Michigan, USDA z5b-6a) will think badly of me. This ficus was born from a cutting almost 5 years ago. For the past 2 years I have tied the branches of a benjamin to push them up with the aim of getting a taller plant faster. Until yesterday, even if slightly lopsided, the plant had an aesthetically pleasing shape and seemed compact (one would have said a fine specimen of benjamin). However, it was only appearance. When yesterday I eliminated some threads, I realized that the branches had not taken that shape at all over time and the plant is practically crushed (the branches reach the ground if not resting against the rod or a wall). Even now that I have put it back together, as you can see, it looks anything but beautiful. In addition, yet another mistake, I used a thin iron wire which then melted into the trunk and I think it is very bad for the plant. I think the only solution would be to prune it, but I don't know if halving the height would grow straight. I am very sorry to halve the plant and I also wonder if in mid-August it is already late to prune it in such a radical way. Really a disaster.

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