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Best plan to fix water damaged stud, stud plate, and subfloor?

last month

Looking for suggestions on how to fix this water damage that's several years old. A previous homeowner 'fixed' it by cutting out the bad subfloor and putting in unsecured plywood from below.

I had a licensed contractor out who wasn't terribly worried about extensive bracing since it's a small area. He ultimately decided it was too small of a project / he was too busy. I've had a hard time getting other contractors out to quote the work and he recommended I just do the work myself.

He recommended replacing the bottom 6" or so of left 3 studs with a 6x6" (essentially a header but installed at the bottom) and then sistering an 18" tall 2x4 to the left 2x4/left side of header.

Water damage from a previous Here's my general plan:

1.) Cut away subflooring other than what's under stud plate

2.) Run braces from upper top plate to floor and then angled to floor joists

3.) Sawzall nails connecting subfloor to bottom where subfloor is rotted

4.) Install new 12" x12" subfloor under bottom plate and sticking out 6" with appropriate blocking for floor nailing at edges (can't slide a larger continuous section to replace all damages subfloor .. about 3'x4' .. due to toilet drain

5.) Sawzall nails connecting 1' of damaged stud plate to studs

6.) Cut out left 6" of left most 3 studs, being mindful of the blade binding, showing too much force on studs.

7.) Build stack of 3x

on top of each other to fill the cut out from 3 left studs. Toe nail stack to bottom plate

8.) Install 2x4 to left of stack to sister the stack to the left most 2x4

Blue are sections of 2x6 studs to replace with 3 2x6s stacked horizontally. Green are sections of 2x6 stud plate to replace with new subfloor underneath


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