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Need help with basement rough-in plumbing positioning!

J Lee
last year

Hey guys :) I am about 2 months away from closing on my first house - new build by Toll Brothers.

Not knowing much about how "house' works, we opted in for rough-in plumbing in the unfinished basement because I was told it's always worth it when we were choosing options.

A few weeks ago, during our pre-drywall inspection, we noticed a few things:

1. rough-in plumbing for the tub was off about 2ft from sink and toilet rough-ins.. which builder agreed it was a mistake and would fix it.

2. The "original" positioning of the rough-ins were about 7 ft off the concrete wall highlighted in pink ( builder plan attached) due to the concrete foundation with metal pole lined up in a solid line adjacent to the proposed bathroom location.

3. Against the original plan, furnace was actually installed beside the concrete wall (pink highlight) which I think is actually the right location.. not sure what the builder was thinking putting the furnace 7ft apart from the concrete wall in the original plan

Now, with builder admitting a mistake with #1 + me and my wife not liking #2 situation + #3 also not in the "right/original" position it's supposed to be, builder gave me an option to move rough-in plumbing closer to the concrete wall (pink highlight).. but we would have to lose tub rough-in as it won't fit there due to the reasoning in #2.

So, with all that said, I wanted to ask what your thoughts are with having a bathroom in somewhat middle of the basement, and if you agree that bathroom in the middle of the basement doesn't make sense, how would you suggest we position toilet and sink rough-in (I would have to lose bath tub) around the L shaped concrete wall highlighted in pink?

Just writing this is super confusing, but hopefully it makes sense to whoever is reading and trying to help out :) Thanks in advance!

picture 1: original builder plan for the basement

picture 2, : How the rough-ins would look like as per the original plan (picture taken by the already moved-in neighbor)

picture 3: while wrapped are a would be the pink wall in the plan. where you see the wine rack is where we are thinking of positioning sink and toilet, would love your recommendations,

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